Tips and Tricks Every Blogger Should Know

Tips and Tricks Every Blogger Should Know

What are some tips and tricks every blogger should know? How often should you blog? Or what are the do’s and don’ts in the blogging world! So here are a few tips and tricks that will help you when you’re trying to build your blogs traffic and your readership. How often should you blog? Blog at least three times per week; yup that’s it!  Your posts can be about anything you want it to be, you can divide it up among as many post as want (if it’s a story type of post), and you can blog more often than that if you want to.  The idea is to … [Read more...]

5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Web or Blog Designer


So you want a new website?  Great!  Whether if it’s your 1st time or it’s a redesign, doing some of these things before you contact a web or blog designer can considerably decrease strain on both sides of the project. This will help you narrow down what you should know before you start contacting designers for your project. 1. Direction:  What you want out of your website? You want a new design, but why?  Is it because you don’t like the look of it? Don’t like how it functions?  Want to go in a whole new direction? Does your brand need an … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about Business Cards #BloggingTip #BusinessTip


You don’t have to own a business to have business cards; they can be for your blog, mommy/child play dates, contact cards and anything else you would want somebody that meets you might want to know. What are business cards? A small card printed with one's name, professional occupation, company position, business address, etc. Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver's name, … [Read more...]

#BloggingTip #LifeTip Change Your Passwords Often

Change Your Passwords Often

Don't forget to change your passwords often even if it’s just to make something a capital letter or the change of a number in your password. Including numbers and punctuation in a mixed case password will generally create a more secure password, which would be exponentially harder to recover using a brute force password discovery method. How often to change your password? Changing your password would make it harder for someone to hack into your accounts. You should change your passwords monthly on some accounts BUT always change them every 4 … [Read more...]

Dr. Blog: How to make your blogger blog load faster?

The speed at which your blog loads is important to attracting more readers to your blog. If your blog takes a long time to load, many readers may leave your blog before they have the chance to read it. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help your blog load faster and attract more users: 1. Clean up your sidebars: a. Take all of your blog buttons OFF your sidebars and add them to a page. (remember to add the page gadgets to your blog so it shows up) b. Do the same thing with your blog hops and blog event buttons c. Remove any extra … [Read more...]

How to: Get your own username for your Facebook page (re-post)

Are you sick of not being able to remember the URL of your facebook page because it’s SO darn long? Well I will teach you how to shorten it from something that looks like this: To this: This is a really simple fix. 1. Log into your facebook account that you want your facebook page username set 2. Go to 3. Go to where it says pages and find the page you want to change and click on it. 4. Pick … [Read more...]

Dr. Blog: Get your Blogger Blog Mobile Friendly

Do you want your readers to be able to read your blog on their mobile devices? 1. Log in to Blogger (use the same log in info as you would on 2. Click on Settings 3. Click on the Mobile & Email tab 4. Where it says “Show mobile template” you want to select “Yes, On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template” 5. If you like you want click on “mobile preview” to see what it would look like on a mobile device 6. Click save and you’re done. … [Read more...]